From Lender to Landlord (and Tenants Too!): How Foreclosure Affects a Commercial Lease

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Educational Material: by Stephanie Friese (Aron)

The best way to protect future interests in a commercial lease is to make them predictable. There are several ways to construct a lease in order to shape and protect future interests. This paper explores lease provisions, such as Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreements, which can be used to make predictable what will happen to the lease and the lender, landlord, and tenant after unpredictable events like foreclosure. This paper details what will happen to a commercial lease after foreclosure, and contains Practice Tips that can be used to best help all parties protect their relevant interests. CLICK HERE to continue reading and learn more about the effects of foreclosure on commercial leases and what you can do to protect your interests in the property, whether you are representing or are a landlord, a lender, or a tenant.

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