The real estate and business attorneys of Pursley Friese Torgrimson bring a collective eight decades of experience to a wide variety of challenges facing real property owners and businesses in Georgia, the Southeast, and across the United States. Representative matters and cases include:


  • Successfully arbitrated a lawsuit involving the breakup of a limited liability partnership before the American Arbitration Association.
  • Advised local builder on the structure of an assemblage for residential development in North Atlanta, including preparation and negotiation of a joint venture agreement and other applicable transaction documents.
  • Served as local counsel for investor purchasing a $35 million portfolio of home improvement stores.
  • Represented purchaser of multi-building office park in Decatur, Georgia, including negotiation of the purchase agreement, searching and analyzing title work and survey, due diligence assistance, and serving as the closing agent.
  • Represented veterinarian small business in the purchase of new office building, including negotiating the purchase agreement, searching and analyzing title work and survey, due diligence assistance, and serving as the closing agent for the SBA loan closing.


  • Negotiated leases in 28 states across the U.S.
  • Negotiated industrial lease for flagship distribution and office node for Fortune 100 company’s operations in San Leandro, California valued at $1.3 million over a seven-year term, including tenant work letter for substantial build-out.
  • Prepared and negotiated office lease in Norcross, Georgia worth in excess of $6.5 million over a ten-year term, including negotiating work letter to protect landlord’s interests during the tenant’s build-out.
  • Negotiated office lease for local gym operator in Midtown, Atlanta, which required review and analysis of condominium documents and negotiation with the condominium association to ensure client’s legal use of the property.
  • Obtained a $1.3 million judgment against defaulting anchor Tenant, Fulton County State Court.
  • Recently abstracted 50+ commercial industrial leases for international portfolio of locations for packaging company.
  • Prevailed at contested foreclosure sale confirmation action in Henry County Superior Court, which involved proving fair market value of foreclosed property using the discounted cash flow method of valuation; obtained subsequent deficiency judgment against guarantors of the loan.
  • Foreclosed and evicted high-profile church operator (tenant) in default from a 14-acre, multi-building campus in Lithonia, Georgia, prevailing against tenant’s efforts to avoid eviction through filing multiple bankruptcies and appeals.


  • CNL APF Partners, LP; RCI Realty LLC v. Department of Transp., 307 Ga.App. 511; 705 S.E.2d 862 (2010)
  • Department of Transp. v. Jordan, 300 Ga.App. 104, 684 S.E.2d 141 (2009)
  • Carroll County Water Authority v. L.J.S. Grease & Tallow, Inc., 274 Ga.App. 353, 617 S.E.2d 612 (2005)
  • Torrente v. MARTA, 269 Ga.App. 42, 603 S.E.2d 470 (2004)
  • Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County v. Watson, 255 Ga.App. 1, 564 S.E.2d 453 (2002)
  • Garden Hills Civic Ass’n Inc. v. MARTA, 273 Ga. 280, 539 S.E.2d 811 (2000)
  • Wilmer v. Fulton County School Dist., 226 Ga.App. 884, 487 S.E.2d 709 (1997)
  • Department of Transp. v. Edwards, 267 Ga. 733, 482 S.E.2d 260 (1997)
  • Department of Transp. v. Pitman, 223 Ga.App. 797, 479 S.E.2d 112 (1996)
  • Fulton County v. Funk, 266 Ga. 64, 463 S.E.2d 883 (1995)
  • MARTA v. Gomez, 261 Ga. 617, 409 S.E.2d 35 (1991)
  • Cann v. MARTA, 196 Ga.App. 495, 396 S.E.2d 515 (1990)
  • Concept Capital Corp. v. DeKalb County, 255 Ga. 452, 339 S.E.2d 583 (1986)
  • Department of Transp. v. 2.734 Acres of Land, 168 Ga.App. 541, 309 S.E.2d 816 (1983)
  • City of Atlanta v. First Nat’l Bank of Atlanta, 246 Ga. 424, 271 S.E.2d 821 (1980)
  • City of Atlanta v. Heirs of Champion, 244 Ga. 620, 261 S.E.2d 343 (1979)
  • DeKalb County v. United Family Life Ins. Co., 235 Ga. 417, 219 S.E.2d 704 (1975)
  • MARTA v. Datry, 235 Ga. 568, 220 S.E.2d 905 (1975)


  • Obtained a $2.3 million judgment in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia, against maker of a promissory note to a failed lending institution.
  • Obtained $1.678 million jury verdict in favor of client for partial taking and damaging of gas station and C-store station by Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), representing 539% above the original offer.
  • Secured a $19.5 million settlement of a condemnation case brought by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) involving mixed-use development property, along with a new driveway cut on a limited access street.
  • Negotiated a settlement for business value of four times the original offer in a condemnation case for the full taking of a fast food restaurant by the GDOT.
  • Secured a $1.0 million settlement during the jury trial of a condemnation case by the GDOT involving an office building development, representing an 850% increase above the original offer.
  • Negotiated a settlement for land value of more than double the original offer in the partial taking of land from a retail shopping center for a county water tower project.
  • Obtained an $11.0 million jury verdict in favor of client for the taking of a hotel site by the GDOT, representing a 150% increase above the original offer.
  • Obtained a $5.9 million jury verdict in favor of client for taking and damaging of Mercedes sales and services property and business value against the GDOT, representing a 450% increase above the original offer.
  • Secured a jury verdict in favor of client for fully appraised property value, and successfully represented client in subsequent appeals before the Georgia Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.
  • Successfully represented MARTA in case challenging a transit oriented development project involving public use and private enterprise features before the Georgia Supreme Court.
  • Secured a $900,000 settlement with the Georgia Department of Transportation for the partial taking of a hotel property. The settlement was a 414% increase over the amount that the Georgia Department of Transportation originally offered.
  • Secured an $800,000 settlement with the GDOT for the full taking of a fast food restaurant. The settlement was a 400% increase over the amount the GDOT originally offered.
  • Secured a mediated settlement with Fulton County, Georgia for the partial taking of a retail shopping center. The mediated settlement was a 250% increase over the amount Fulton County originally offered.