Among our professional legal achievements, we’re honored to receive consistent recognition from peers in our industry. However, we are most proud of the client recognition we receive and the lasting partnerships we form while working to advance the interests of our real estate and business clients in Atlanta, the Southeast, and across the United States.

Note: The following testimonials are taken from actual client correspondence. PFT has not attributed testimonial quotes to specific clients to protect client confidentiality.


Christian Torgrimson and her team applied very capable legal acumen and professionalism to the process. Her calm approach and knowledgeable legal abilities also helped relieve my anxiety of dealing with a condemnation. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to work with Christian and her team.

They are aggressive, highly intelligent, and responsive.

The quality of their work is exceptional.

They stay on top of things. They get things done… and are excited about it.

Our business matters to this firm.

I have a very high regard for their legal acumen. We’re still structuring deals on the basis of what they set up for us.

You can count on them. They understand what they’re doing. It’s rare to get a firm that does such a good job.

A level of detail I’ve never seen before.

The quality of their work is exceptional. They do not make careless errors, and they are phenomenal at what they do.

They are an extension of us. The face of our company.

When things go astray, they rein in the other side and get things on track again.

They understand our business when negotiating. They know what we will and won’t do by working in advance to understand our requirements.

We need our strategic partners to ‘turn and burn’ and be responsive. They do that.

You sure make things easier by the excellent work you and your team do.

For our business, value-add leasing, it is extremely important that we have an attorney that gets the deal done in a timely manner. They pay a lot of attention to you and their fees are decent. They don’t fight for fighting’s sake. Instead, they plow through it quickly, and focus on getting it done.

They are more attentive than the large firms.

They understand my business as a developer, the ins and outs. They are not just focused on the law. When negotiating they take a real estate perspective.

I do not have to worry about document exceptions. The quality of their work is exceptional. They do not make careless errors and they are phenomenal at what they do.