The Daily Report’s “On The Rise–Past Picks” Follows up with Friese and Torgrimson

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Each year, The Daily Report recognizes a small group of young, successful Georgia lawyers with its “On The Rise: Rising Lawyers under 40” distinction. In 2006, Managing Partner Stephanie Friese (Aron) was honored as a member of this group as Managing Partner of her old firm, Friese Legal. In 2009, Managing Partner Christian Torgrimson was also honored as a member of this group as Partner of her old firm, Pursley Lowery Meeks. Now, in 2013, The Daily Report followed up with Friese, Torgrimson, and the past winners of The Daily Report’s “On The Rise” award to report on where they are now. Click here to view the Past Picks– On The Rise 2013: Where They Are Now.

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